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Moms of the Subway

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Moms of the Subway

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Riding the subway with your little one(s) is no small feat and I’ll never forget the feeling after doing it for the first time without my husband’s help: equal parts pride and exhaustion. For me, the toughest part is getting in and out of the station because unfortunately, the MTA is not stroller friendly. There are a handful of stations with elevators in Brooklyn. The number of stations with elevators or escalators in Manhattan is much higher, but still a shameful percentage.

But I'm certainly not the only mom navigating the world of public transportation with tots in tow. I've observed quite a few types of moms during my local subway rides and each one handles things a bit differently. Here are the five most common moms of the subway I've seen, and how they deal with heavy strollers, nasty germs and people who won't give up their seat.

The Hulk

This no-nonsense mom doesn’t have time to spare, hoisting her stroller (baby included) onto her hip and carrying it quickly up and down the subway stairs. Passersby look on, impressed, but it's easy for this Iron Woman!

The Guilt Tripper

She may not have the physical strength of The Hulk Mom, but she makes up for it with her emotional powers. She waits at the edge of the stairs, an air of desperation about her until a kind stranger offers to help her with her stroller. The Guilt Tripper can also be found babywearing and staring down seated passengers until one of them offers their seat (as they should!).

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Miss Bossy Pants

This mom can’t be bothered with to attempt lugging her stroller up and down the stairs herself, and she’s not afraid to ask—scratch that—demand help from strangers. Once on the train, you can rest assured she will shamelessly procure seats for her and her child(ren).

The Germophobe

The subway is one giant germ-fest for this mom. She's like a ninja in her attempts to keep her baby from touching the grimy poles, subway maps and possibly infected strangers. She may keep her baby in the stroller with canopy up and rain shield on, or in a blanket covered carrier. A mini hand sanitizer can be found dangling from her diaper bag.

Ms. Too-Good-For-Mass-Transit:

She wouldn’t be caught dead on the subway or the bus, let alone subject her children to them! It’s all about car service for this matriarch.

So, which "Mom of the Subway" are you? Or did I miss one? Share your thoughts with us below.

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